Flip Side Founders

Flip Side Sanctuary was started by founders Gregg and Cindy Holm. They have been married for 25 years and rescued animals have always been a part of their lives.Cindy has been a licensed Vet Tech for 18 years, volunteered for many organizations and fostered numerous special needs animals. Gregg has been a carpenter for over 20 years. He always helped with the animals and had a major part in caring for them all.

They have always loved animals but it wasn't until Milton came along and started to change their perspective. They then adopted three chickens from Animal Place that were from a factory farm . There was one girl in particular, Peggy, who would sit on Cindy's lap while she read in the yard. It was then that Cindy realized that all animals are feeling individuals with unique personalities. She read Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer and immediately became a vegetarian but it still didn't seem right.

These poor animals that she loved and lived with were discarded from the dairy and egg industry. It was like a light switch had flipped. She then realized that going vegan was the right thing to do. Now Gregg, who loved his meat and especially his milk , was going to be a challenge or so she thought. It only took one short video, Farm to Fridge- The Truth about Meat Production by Mercy for Animals, to change his mind and go completely vegan.

Gregg and Cindy started coming across more animals in desperate need for help. They soon realized that they wanted to devote the rest of their lives to helping and animals and showing people that they are truly individuals who all think, feel and want to live.

They ate meat, eggs and dairy for 40+ years and now know it is never to late to change. They realize that people aren't always open to change and pushing views will make some defensive as it would have them. They chose to educate, raise awareness and live by example. They want to help the animals have a voice to show that they have just as much as a right to live as anyone.

Meet Our Board

Ann Marie Dannenberg
- Board Member

Ann Marie has worked in the Financial Services industry for 30 plus years. She currently lives in Northern California with her husband. Ann Marie became a vegetarian over 3 years ago after learning about the cruelties inflicted on animals.

Christi Camblor, DVM
- Board Member

Dr.Christi Camblor is a veterinarian and passionate animal advocate who works with animals both in the U.S. and abroad. Dr.Camblor has worked in farmed animal welfare and rights for nearly two decades and is committed to upholding and advancing Flipsideā€™s mission.

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Flip Side Sanctuary's purpose is to provide a safe haven for abused and abandoned animals. Educate and raise awareness by giving the animals a voice to promote change for animal welfare. We are a 501c3 nonprofit organization

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